How Divorce Has Shaped The Culture And Affected The Future Of Our Children

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How divorce has shaped the culture and affected the future of our children. Divorce has become more acceptable and common in our culture. A divorce not only involves the parents, children are included too. The family structure varies across America and couples divorce for different reasons such as abuse in the home, infidelity, addiction issues, religion, and the list can continue. When a couple decides to use divorce to solve any marital conflicts there are questions, emotional issues, financially concerns and etc. that will arise during the process. I will explore and collect information pertaining to the concerns and questions of divorce and children of divorce.
History of Divorce
Our society has become nonchalant about the dynamics of divorce. Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, co-director of the Rutgers University National Marriage Project, “Divorce is now part of everyday American life” (Sheehan-Johnson & Paine, 2013). In Brian Orchard’s 2011 article, A Culture of Divorce first marriages have 45 percent chance of breaking up and second marriages are given 60 percent chance of being unsuccessful (Orchard, 2011). Barbara Dafoe Whitehead and Brian Orchard both agree marriage and divorce have changed due to the relationships within the family structure. Whitehead states, “Americans began to change their ideas about the individual’s obligations to family and society” (Sheehan-Johnson & Paine, 2013). Women became more independent during the

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