How Do Allied Forces Control Sea Lines Of The Gulf Oil?

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1. Problem Statement - How do Allied forces control sea lines of communications and Land lines of communication in Mediterranean and North Africa for continued access to Persian Gulf oil?
Current State: Political – The Vichy French government went into collaboration with the Nazis therefore preventing German forces from having to occupy the French Northwest Africa and securing the Axis flank/rear. Military – All of North Africa and Southern Mediterranean minus Egypt were under Axis control either directly by German/Italian forces or indirectly through Vichy Forces. Economic – Oil revenue from the Persian Gulf was used to help finance Hitler’s continued war efforts. Social – Not enough information provided. Infrastructure – Eastern Mediterranean controlled by Axis powers effectively closing the Mediterranean SLOCs. British controlled island of Malta and used it as an air and maritime staging base. Tripoli main base for Axis powers and Alexandria for British. Sicily and Italy provided substantial air capability. Tunis provided Axis a port to bring reinforcements and resupply through Tunisia. Information - Axis forces controlled the Mediterranean SLOCs and communicated to the British if they wanted oil then they were required to find another route.
Desired End state: Mediterranean and North Africa LOCs removed from Axis control and open to free travel between the Persian Gulf and Europe for all of the Allied powers. Political – Vichy French forces neutralized and…

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