How Do Animal Models Benefit Human Lifespan

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The current state of genetically altering life spans is mostly based of the last two decade of research involving animal models. The evidence of the research is showing that aging is more complicated than previously thought. The evidence also shows that the life span of these animal models can be manipulated. There has been an increased effort among researchers to break down the genetic basis of aging, or senescence, which is the harmful side of increasing age. Researchers have made progress with the use of animal models. The research from these experiments has shown that by genetically manipulating the DNA of these models can alter their life span. These findings raise the question on whether or not these practices can benefit human life span.…show more content…
Borlaug’s work shows early on that genetically enhanced crops will be able to have a shorter grow time along with a longer shelf life. Borlaug stated because of the growing number of people worldwide, new advances in agriculture production are needed to prevent widespread starvation. “… long before mankind started breeding plants, Mother Nature did. The wheat groups we currently rely on for much of our food supply are the result of natural crosses between different species of grasses” (Borlaug, 2008) Borlaug states that the wheat groups we currently rely on for much of our food supply are a result of natural crosses between different species of grasses. Today’s bread is made up of three different plant gnomes, each containing a set of seven chromosomes each. Based off of Borlaug’s works in some circumstances in order for a certain crop or plant to grow and evolve there needs to be a sense of modification at the genetic level, such as cross pollination. Altering the parent genes of certain crops will then change the outcome of the offspring, as Borlaug’s research shows genetic enhancement of food is just an adaptation to an evolving…show more content…
One argument includes a larger segregation in genetically rich vs. the genetic poor. Some genetic engineers imagine a future with a portion of the population engineered to be perfect, while others stay the same reminding us of our past selves. Aside from the segregation there is also the moral separation on the agreement of genetic enhancement. Those who believe in a supreme being, believing that humans should not be altered by other humans and that the body is to grow on its own as God intended, just remember that mother nature has been enhancing and changing genetic material from the beginning of time, so in a sense God had intended for genetic enhancement. Therefore, Genetic engineering even in nature shows that it is the necessary forward step towards human
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