How Do Asian-Americans Receive An Aquatic Preferences?

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“Male gamer in late teens/early 20’s. Ethnically-ambiguous.” That is what the character description read before I walked into the audition room. This was my first time auditioning for a short film after high school, and I was determined to receive this minor role. Once I was standing in the actual audition, I felt extremely nervous, but I was prepared to adjust my performance in accordance with the casting director's’ notes. I took the notes lightly and did what I was told; however, I was stumped when asked to “add a slight Vietnamese accent.” “The was not mentioned in the character description. Was this necessary?” I thought. This was the first time I was ever asked to do this in an audition, and a plethora of questions ran through my mind. If I don’t do the accent, would it hinder me from getting the role? Would I stay true to myself if I added an accent? Is this how I want Asian-Americans to be represented?…show more content…
I was in a predicament, and I had to decide immediately. Because of my lack of auditioning experience, I wanted to respect their choice, but my morals held me back from stereotyping Asian-Americans. This was the first time I was dealing with this type of blatant racism in the theatre industry, and I knew I had to make a decision in a matter of seconds. With much hesitation, I politely asked to not do a Vietnamese accent and proceeded to perform my monologue in my natural dialect. My rejection to this note perhaps hindered my audition, but I wanted to correctly portray Asian-Americans through the media, even if this was a small role. As much as I wanted to be this character, my morals made me think twice about misrepresenting
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