How Do Authors Create Suspense and Tension in Their Stories?

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How do authors create suspense and tension in their stories?

A good mystery story needs a hero, a villan and an out of the ordinary storyline. In my opinion the story should have a realistic drama and the right setting, something to drastic will not allow the reader to relate to the story. A narrator may make the story more personal and the reader can really get inside the story to know what the character is feeling and fears, increasing tension. There also should be a range of suspects; some of these characters can be used as red herrings, which can mislead the reader, adding to the shock at the end of the story. In ‘The speckled band’ the suspects are the gypsies, the exotic animals and Dr Roylott, there are some obvious and some not,
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Roylott had trained the snake to travel through the ventilator and down the bell chord, onto the bed to kill the person sleeping inside it.

The stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were printed in papers every month; it was much like a soap opera to people nowadays. These papers were new, perfect for people to discuss and socialize with, and also very cheap and this meant they could be read by the majority of classes. The idea of solving mysteries was very important to the Victorians because societies were full of changing ideas. More scientific ideas were made when Charles Darwin ‘Origin of species’ was published in 1859, ‘the speckled band’ and similar books were written to help bring back some certainty into the changing world.

The setting is very important in mystery stories because it establishes where the mystery will take place. In ‘the speckled band’ the setting is a gothic manor, this fits within the time period and can be imagined as gloomy and mysterious, perfect for the story line.

The main character in the story is Sherlock Holmes; he is the hero of the book, a very important factor in a mystery book. The Victorians would have loved this character because he was not a part of the police force; he was a character that could be relied on, when the police force was so corrupt. Holmes’s life was his job, as the reader gets further into the story; they see that Holmes works for personal satisfaction, ’my profession is its own
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