How Do Camels Affect Australian Culture

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Camels were a vital part of the African, Australian, and partly Mediterranean culture and heritage. But part of camels being in this culture is some of their personal characteristics and traits. Surprisingly when the continents were connected together camels roamed in Europe, but then they moved as a species to Africa, in which this paper will mainly be discussing. Camels are seen mainly as a part of African and Middle eastern culture but actually affected almost all of the world. According to an article from LiveScience, a credible source for background on a variety of discoveries and facts, “ Camels: Facts, Types & Pictures”, there are different types of camels: the Dromedary and the Bactrian. The Dromedary camel also known as Camelus dromedarius, has one hump, the Bactrian camel also known as Camelus bactrianus, which has two humps. The humps of both camels are to store fat and and water.
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