How Do Cell Phones Change Society?

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How do cell phones change society? Do you realize how much you use your phone? And how phones affect your social life? Cell Phones affect society in good and bad ways. It's impossible to imagine a time when there were no phones, which was a long time ago. During 1983 the first phone was made, it took 10 hours to charge the battery. Before smartphone were invented. We even have portable chargers now. No one could imagine life without phones. Weather your checking twitter or texting a friend. Everyone likes to talk, listen and learn about new things. Todd Stark weather said “It’s up to the student whether or not they choose to spend class time listening and learning, or wasting their time on the phone.” Majority can afford phones now. Before…show more content…
People are starting to meet through Internet and exchange each other’s numbers. Strangers you meet aren’t always good people. The majority of teens use their phones 24/7. People have a habit of checking their phones every 5 minutes. Teens send over 2,000 texts a month. They carry it with them everywhere they go. Cell phones are also used in bed, and placed near your pillow. Which is extremely bad for kids. It would cause problems. Even when it comes to charging phones, they’re charged in the bedroom. 80 percent of teens are able to sleep easier with their phone near them. People are getting lazier everyday. Kids aren’t doing as many sports or activities as before. Instead they're using their phones texting. Even texting today is shortened by using initials, so not the whole word is typed. Words and grammar mistakes are corrected by auto correct. It'll make people depend on Internet to correct their mistakes. They wouldn't want to learn about grammar in English they’d just let their devices do everything for them. Instead of typing, we can talk on the phone or even the phone types for us when we talk. Using phones in public places or while eating with your family and friends is actually very rude. People receive inappropriate pictures or videos, which are even sent to kids. They'll learn new things and pass it on to their friends to see too. Some people are

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