How Do China Born Immigrants Essay

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Research Question 4: How do China-born immigrants in the GTA describe the challenges and successes in starting their own businesses as entrepreneurs? Three themes emerged for this research question: (a) Troubled marriages; (b) Raising funds; and (c) Opportunities to help other newcomers. Following is a discussion of each of these themes.
Theme 1: Troubled marriages. Of 21 participants, six (P1, P2, P8, P11, P12, and P18) experienced trouble in their marriages after they landed in Canada. Three of these participants were male. These divorces occurred between 1 and 3 years after the participants landed in GTA. In the case of Participants P8 and P18, their husbands both returned to China because they did not find work in their professions after arriving in GTA.
Participant P8 was an entrepreneur who had a high school education, with some college courses. She immigrated to Canada with her husband, who held a B.Sc. degree in computer science; and their baby daughter, who was one and half years old. The couple had owned and operated a successful computer retail and repair store in Shenzhen. According to her description, they were a happy upper-middle-class family before arriving in Toronto in 2000. The main reason that P8’s family, and other China-born middle class immigrants migrated to Canada was because they want to pursue their Canadian dream with improved and better (a) education system to their children, (b) medical care, (c) social or welfare and retirement
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