How Do Coaches Influence Teens Lives

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Coaches have the power to inspire and influence in ways others can’t. In this essay, I’ll be covering the question of how do coaches influence teens lives? I myself have never been involved in sports, so I’ve never been able to experience that coach/athlete relationship, but I’ve always found it very interesting, Since many people have very close and personal bonds with their coaches. To begin the search of this question, I simply copy and pasted it into google, right from there the first option caught my eye. Once reading this article, it brought me to look more into the specifics of the situation, such as more questions like “Could they keep them from swearing? Could they keep them from cutting class or cheating? Could they keep them from drinking or doing drugs?” Which then further decided to look into, especially if coaches can keep them from drinking or doing any sorts of drugs. That came to a very short stop, considering there’s very few websites or articles that cover that question. I did happen to find a pdf file on it, and their …show more content…

This article did not bring up other questions like the last one, but it did make me realize that there’s a lot more than simple encouragement. Under the subcategory, ethical considerations, it says “questions often arise about athlete ethics, especially when the media reports so frequently on professional athletes who display irresponsible and inappropriate behaviors in their personal lives. That leaves people wondering why so much emphasis is placed on excellence in physical performance with so little attention on enhancing personal performance…“ For me there’s always been a thought of how college sports, or big time athletes play a role in teens lives, but never look that far into the

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