How Do Combustion Engines Work?

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The topic chosen for research project was “How do combustion engines work?” and the reason for the choice was because of the interest in that region of engineering. This document states the key findings and results gathered from the research in the earlier ten weeks.

The methods involved in researching were done by utilizing internet articles, books and interviews. The research conducted in past 10 weeks will be discussed and analysed in this document.

Key Findings:

Combustion engines are a fuel burning motor. The engine extracts fuel and combustion happens and converts it into mechanical energy producing force to move the car. It converts energy into motion and it also uses hydrocarbon fuel to burn it through energy. It changes the reciprocating motion into rotary motion. This means that the information found was really useful and reliable as this section came from the interviewee whose profession is a mechanical engineering.

During research, some interesting information was found such as many types of internal combustion engines were created before the nineteenth century, their utilization was averted until the commercial drilling and creation of petroleum began in the mid-1850s. By the late nineteenth century, engineering advances prompted their widespread selection in a variety of applications. This highlights that learning was done and some focus was also on the…
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