How Do Coursework Affected My Life

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I dropped these classes due to how the overload of course work was impacting my art and my family. It is my ambition to become an art director for a creative agency in the near future and the majority of my job is reliant on art, both crafting and consuming it. Yet my heavy course load negatively impacted my ability to both consume and create the way I was supposed to. This is because I found that I was so busy taking these classes that I wasn’t able to work on the type of art that truly inspired me. This was a very debilitating and draining period in my life and at the time I didn’t see a way out. I thought buckling down and getting it done would help me, but it didn’t. In fact the opposite happened. These courses didn’t push me the way I wanted them to. Managing my academics, work, and trying to carve…show more content…
I was drowning in my obligations and the quality of my work and art were suffering as a consequence. I reached a point where I found it in my best interest to drop these classes as well as my second major, seeing as continuing to take them was detrimental to the art I was currently doing that more greatly aligned with my career path. They were mainly intro classes and didn’t cover the artistic media of digital drawing and videography as deeply as I would’ve hoped. This is another reason why I choose these two classes in particular since I found doing such work on my own time to be more beneficial seeing as I was at least intermediate in level. But this idea didn’t come into play until I saw how my 18-credit course load wasn’t just impacting my art but my family as well. I think I would’ve found these courses more
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