How Do Different Forms Of Entertainment Media?

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1 How do different forms of entertainment media (like TV, movies, video games, comic books, etc.) create and re-create cultural values related to gender, race, ethnicity, social class, and technology? What do fictional worlds, societies, technologies, and creatures tell us about our own society and the values we hold? Are the cultural values expressed accurate reflections, or are they more like the distorted reflection of a fun house mirror? Do they reinforce the status quo or challenge cultural norms? You can use the material from your group project, various media that we viewed in class, or any other sources that you feel are informative and appropriate. Be sure to be analytical and not just descriptive.

All animals, including humans, have hormones, those hormones make sure that we produce offspring, however, most of the time they just cause all kinds of problems. Men like to gaze at pictures of women who have little to none clothes on, this simply gets them excited because of all the hormones start to go full throttle as soon they get to see a sexy image. For this reason, the entertainment world, and all forms of media have sexualized women, simply because it sells, especially to men. The women with the sexiest pictures have the most followers, in video games the girl has a body what is impossible to have without all kinds of enhancements, and in comic books the women always look sexy. Most of the time this is not a reflection of the reality, and might cause all kinds…
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