How Do Drugs Affect The Main South Residents And Community?

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“How do drugs affect the Main South residents and community?”
Before we thought of the question, we recalled why we chose the topic and wondered why drugs would be an important topic in Main South. In the end, we realized we wanted to know how drugs became important, not just why. To not only learn about the negative drug effects on the many adults located in Main South, but also the youth, since we were included within that group too.
All of us had somewhat an experience with drugs, whether it was from a family or being a witness. We all were aware of its damaging capability, but wanted to understand just how deep the depth was.
Drugs had always been a problem in Main South, because drugs were easily accessed in the Worcester neighborhood including Main South. Even in places that we felt were safe, such as an educational place like the Worcester Public Library, there were drugs in that area. Not only was this a Worcester or Main South problem, it was a whole state issue. People were not doing enough about it, they were not gathering information about it. They relied too much on the law enforcement to solve the problem and it has gotten to the point that not only adults were affected by it, it has become a common thing for kids as well.
Scott J. Croteau’s article, Five people busted in Main South drug sting in Worcester, on February 11th, 2015 stated, “Members of the Worcester Police Department Gang Unit, Vice Squad and along with the State Police Gang Unit
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