How Do Egyptian Pharaoh And How Did He Die

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An Egyptian Pharaoh at the age of 19, mysteriously died. But how did he die? King Tut died because Horemheb killed him. I can prove this because in the end Horemheb was king with Tey without either one of them dying. Horemheb ordered his Army to kill a Hittite prince at the border. That prince was going to marry Queen Ankhesenamun. The people that guard the border were the military. Horemheb was the Army general. Which means he was in charge of the Army. Horemheb was the only one with the control over the Army. Horemheb later killed Aye. Aye died mysteriously. Aye was the king of Egypt with Ankhesenamun after Tut died. Ankhesenamun disappeared and was erased from Egyptian history. Horemheb and Tey, Aye’s ex wife, took the throne and none
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