Argumentative Essay On Electric Cars

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The world produces around 85 million barrels of oil each day. About a quarter of that percentage goes to the United States of America, which is used up mostly by means of transportations. Most people get around from place to place using a car, a car that is powered by fuel. Everywhere one goes driving, they will eventually run into a gas station but not a charging station for electric cars. Regular cars, burn off fuel that produce emissions (carbon, nitrogen, sulfur) that pollute and harm the environment. Although, there are some positives about switching there are also some problems that could appear but could be fixed. Electric cars have the potential to reduce the amount of pollution in the environment, boost the national economy and help…show more content…
The price of gas is never a steady price with it changing ever so often relying on other factors. Once again the nation is a reliant force that needs to learn how to be dependent from other countries. Even though there are already some electric vehicles on the road, not everyone has ridden in one. Some customer wants and needs need to be satisfied with the way electric cars are manufactured because “greener and more efficient alone will not ensure a bright future.” Companies will always have to go with what the customer like because if the customer does not like it they will not buy it, and for companies to make money or even for the electric car to start becoming popular the people need to approve it. Another factor of switching is the involvement of the government and how the portray electric vehicles. The government can take action and impose a couple of acts or laws saying that the nation needs to reduce on the amount of pollution or use of oil to “level the playing field” between the two types of cars. If the electric cars need to be impressive to the people and the government so they can become a prosperous in the economy (Sperling). This is a long process that could take years for electric cars to take over the roads and better the future of the
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