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How Do Environmental Changes Affect A Population? Summer Teeters BIO/101 February 23, 2015 Heather Browning How Do Environmental Changes Affect A Population? 1. What role does genetics play in the variation seen in this leafhopper population? Hint: How does genetics allow for variation? When it comes to the variation seen in the leafhopper population, there are two traits that are determined by genetics. Those traits are the color of the leafhoppers and their size. Natural selection would be if the environment favors either color or the size of a leafhopper over the other. 2. Note the results from the 20th generation under global warming conditions. Before continuing with the 30th generation, predict the population…show more content…
In the 10th and 20th generations, the same number of large and small leafhoppers still exist (University of Phoenix, 2015). Since the numbers of each remain the same we can assume a change in the type of predator has not affected the size of the population. 6. What happened to the proportion of each type (color) of leafhopper in subsequent generations when the predator changed from a bird to a snake? Suggest a reason why the traits predominant in the 30th generation make this population better adapted to the change in predators. The number of brown leafhoppers increased with the number of black leafhoppers decreased (University of Phoenix, 2015). One explanation could be that the snake is not able to see the brown leafhoppers as well as it can the black ones. This would result in the loss of more black leafhoppers. 7. Describe some human activities around your school/home/business that could have influenced the natural vegetation in the area. How did these activities affect the vegetation? There is a lot of open land where I live. Over the years I have noticed some of this land being cleared and leveled to make way for new homes and businesses. This not only affects the vegetation that grows in this area, but the wildlife, as well. 8. Notice the differences between the parental and the 30th generations. What happened to the proportion of each type of leafhopper when the vegetation
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