How Do Ethics Play a Role in the Pursuit of Knowledge in the Field of Arts

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When we usually think of ethics, we consider the rules between right and wrong. Although most people acquire a sense of what is right and wrong during their childhood; moral development and reasoning occurs throughout a human’s life as they pass through the different stages of life. Most people are so aware of ethical norms that to a certain extent it has been considered common sense. On the contrary, if morality was nothing more than common sense, then why are there so many ethical disputes and issues in today’s society? This topic raises various knowledge issues in the fields of arts and natural sciences such as “To what extent do ethical considerations constrain the production of knowledge in natural sciences?” and “How far do ethics…show more content…
Gunther von Hagens along with many others has defended the display of the bodies and believe that they are anatomical teaching tools. Gunther von Hagens believes that he changes the way in which we see ourselves. His work has two main aims; firstly he aims to increase awareness about health care by comparing various body organs such as a smoker’s lung and a non-smokers lung. Second, the fact that our bodies are very strong and can handle strenuous activities but at the same time are bodies are very fragile and that people need to live a healthy and careful life. Although he uses very unorthodox methods to educate the public his goals are in line with that of the British Red cross. In many cases society has viewed Body Worlds in a completely different light. From a Christian perspective, the body is a very integral part of a human being and the Bible describes God breathing life into a Adam’s body which was made in the likeness of God. To use this body made in God’s likeness, the crown jewel of creation as nothing more than a show piece or attraction in a show is considered very disrespectful. On the contrary from the Islamic point of view, it is thus permissible to dissect the dead body of a person with the very aim of discovering diseases or finding out a treatment or knowing the functions of bodily organs and

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