How Do Family And Personal Issues Affect Leadership Performance?

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For leaders to perform his or her duties at an optimum level, there has to be a balance of peace at home. So what happens when the family and personal life is out of balance? Can it be linked to unethical behaviors at the workplace in leaders? Personal and family stresses can have an effect on leadership decision and critical thinking. If leadership or employees are dealing with family and personal issues outside of work, it can be difficult to manage workplace problems in sound and efficient manner. So how do family and personal issues affect leadership performance? Physiologists have referred personal and family matters to the clinical term "Family-to-work conflict (FWC)". Family to work conflict can seriously damage the family, individual, and organization outcomes. It those results of family and personal connected issues that can affect decision making and job performance of a leader in a negative manner (Dartey-Baah, 2015). This is where unethical behavior begins to take form. For example, if the leader is so engaged in their personal life and family life that he or she misses organization goals, their task may be delegated to other team members to do their job. Failure to lead due to being preoccupied with family and personal issues may lead to unethical behavior their staff members or the other staff members that now has to do the job. The lack of information, team work and the fact that others have to pick up for the deadwood will result in confusion…
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