How Do Guns Affect Our Society

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In the world of today, guns are the biggest issue being discussed. Guns can be used to hunt and recreational trap shooting, but they can also be used for protection or for harm. The Second Amendment grants the people the right to bear arms, but with that society takes it out of context and the use of these weapons is to shoot others. Where the world fails to come up with a compromise: if the gun is being used for protection against others or if it's for hunting purposes. Today’s society views guns as weapons towards others, however, it's the people that have the responsibility of controlling the gun.
Generally, the most common use of guns is for hunting and recreation. People utilize hunting for putting food on the table and for bagging the trophy animal. Whether one’s hunting small game, big game, or just shooting clay pigeons, the usage of a firearm is needed. This use of guns is used more in the open country and forested parts of the United States. To gun owners, hunting is a great hobby because it brings families
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Guns are used to protect yourself and others. Due to gun misuse, firearms have been making the news this past year because of not only the recent shooting with police officers and the African American community, but also shootings in schools and malls. Society is all about protecting oneself no matter the cost. Many believe that the African American populations are the reason why fatal shootings with police force have occurred, but it is the way they react to being pulled over causing all the trouble. Society makes the African Americans look like villains because they don’t obey the laws, while the Caucasian officers are called racists as a result of fatal shootings in these traffic stops. The police’s response to this is that they are just protecting themselves. Will the world see an end to the chaos or will the guns be banned due to the misuse of protection from the public and

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