How Do Humans Define Work?

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How do humans define work? Several factors determine work that can be questioned and defined differently by all humans. According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary work is defined as an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result, but some may argue that if you enjoy your work they might not define that as working. Although some may enjoy their work, they are still technically working. The world revolves are around the work of humans and without work no progress would be possible. The robots in R.U.R. symbolize suppressed, revolting workers (xvi) living in a society that is portrayed as a utopian, but quickly spirals into a dystopian based off the evil of war and greed through the book. Capek portrays the significance of the human race and how valuable humanity is to the world through several instances in R.U.R which eventually result in the extinction of the human race. The play clear emphasizes the good that comes out of humans working. Although humans may think that a life without work would be extremely enjoyable and relieve all of humankind from the stress and consequences that work adds to human life; the outcome of never working would outweigh the befits of living a life without work. Therefore, the ability to work allows humans to reach their their full potential which allows them to accomplish their goals and dreams, creates enormous amounts of progress throughout the human race, and gives life a meaning and a…
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