How Do Humans Develop Over A Lifetime? Essay

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How do humans develop over a lifetime? The approach in which attempts to explain how children and adults change over a period of time is developmental psychology. Developmental psychology is the study of how humans develop relating to the mind, body, and spirit. It not only is an approach based on a micro sense, but on a macro sense as well. Micro meaning the development from baby to adult and macro meaning how a culture itself develops over a time span. Because developmental psychology is an umbrella term, it is used to describe a number of different disciples that are all focused on one common goal (Developmental Psychology). Being that developmental psychology is not the only theory accepted in explaining human development, this theory is best understood by looking at various other theories that are all related because of the ultimate goal question. Some of the related theories along with developmental psychology also consider the theoretical areas that include social, emotional, cognitive, and biological processes. When using the theory of psychological development there are three goals: describe, explain, and optimize development. To describe development, one must focus on the typical patterns of change, and on individual variations in patterns of change (McLeod). For instance, normative change is when change is cumulated and continual; however, one can change certain life aspects change as well. This capacity one has to change is known as plasticity. So, this is shown
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