How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

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How Do Hybrid Cars Work? Introduction Exercise is important; all would agree. Many would also consider everyday activities such as walking or biking are excellent, cardio-vascular activities that, when done on a daily basis, prolong one’s lifespan. However, while several may choose to walk to the local supermarket to purchase their week’s groceries, the vast majority will choose an alternative route: a shortcut that will minimize time needed to reach their destination. And thanks to the invention of the automobile, this shortcut is possible. Motivation But with every great invention comes its downsides; the gas powered-automobile is no different. Focusing on environmental consequences, the typical gas-powered car releases pollutants…show more content…
This gradual warming process can ultimately melt ice caps, elevate sea levels, and affect the natural climates of many organisms. In terms of economic costs, the fuel-powered automobile has its flaws as well. As of 2013, fuel efficiency for cars and light trucks in the United States reached a peak with 23.6 miles per gallon (Plumer). Despite this technological improvement, the world’s reliance on costly nonrenewable petroleum still grows. As a result of this ever-increasing dependence, gas prices continue to rise, fluctuating occasionally with respect to supply and demand. Unfortunately for automobile owners, this chain of increasing prices only serves to cut a hole in their wallets as time goes by. In order to these environmental and economic issues, a more progressive version of the automobile, one that does not rely solely on petroleum gas, has been adopted: the hybrid. This car combines energy from standard gasoline combustion as well as electrical energy to power the vehicle. In terms of mechanical design, hybrid cars typically have a normal gas engine as well as an electric motor. The addition of a generator and a battery is equipped for power storage and controls the vehicles accessories. But to understand the science behind what makes hybrid cars work as excellent substitutes for gas powered automobiles, one must first understand the dynamics behind these individual components and how they work together
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