How Do I Look? Essay

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How Do I Look? Being attractive has become the number one ranking at the top of the average female’s concern starting from the age of ten (Saucier, 2004). Cultural bias has pushed and pushed women to conform to society’s norms of beauty. However, who decides what the standards of beauty are? Media clearly tells society that the standards are impossible to meet, but beauty, thinness, youth, and sexuality are still mandatory to achieve; failure in doing so is unacceptable. The fear of aging starts so quickly in women; standards of our culture overwhelmingly describe that youth and beauty is all that matters. Older women are frequently pressured by the media with images of young women and beauty, cutting down their self-esteem and leading to depression and anxiety; emphasis on youth is greater than ever. The ideal female beauty is exhibited through models and celebrities. Concerns over physical appearance increase as the age of women increases. Compared to men, women are always expected to stay young and beautiful, for that is what they represent in culture today; they are to maintain all physical traits associated with youth and beauty. As women start to realize that they are no longer viewed as young and beautiful, they tend to struggle in regaining self-esteem and value of themselves (Saucier, 2004). The cultural bias of women and age leads women to show signs of depression or anxiety since society pressures them to stay young and flawless. However, many women do not

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