How Do I Make Use of Counselling Skills and Knowledge in Helping Interactions or in Helping Work

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Certificate in counselling skills Weekly learning review Today’s first part of the lesson was based on Advanced Empathy, we got into pairs then we each briefly described an issue and discuss the action implication of these insights, it was a very interesting thing to discuss. Again I worked with someone that I’ve never worked with before so it gave me a better experience of listening especially to someone that I don’t know and the fact I was trusted by my peer to reveal her issue with such confidence and allow me to give my views and comments. I also felt comfortable enough to discuss my issue and get a different perspective from how I would deal with the situation which again…show more content…
What else have you learnt about yourself? I have learnt that i need to be a much stronger individual especially in the social aspect; otherwise people will continue to take advantage of my kind nature to benefit themselves. I also learnt i must take more time out for me rather than trying to solve problems that are not mine, i am also learning to listen more before making suggestions, comments or making judgements about anything or anyone. I am also enjoying my triads alot which i didn’t think i would but i have proved myself wrong. I still need to work on my question asking and more paraphrasing but i am working on this, it is my goal and i want to achieve it. Through the years i have learnt you can only learn through your mistakes, so any positive critiscm i receive i will take it and polish my skills and
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