How Do I See Myself?

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Personal Profile How do I see myself? In the business world, interaction is necessary especially if I want to be an effective employee. By learning about myself, understanding my needs, and knowing how other people see me, I am able to recognize my skills and abilities, which leads to best determining what jobs fits me the most and how to work effectively and efficiently. After completing all the assessments in “Self-Assessment Library” by Stephen P. Robbins, I find myself to be a sociable person on both the advancement and receiving end. I love interacting with people and listening to them. Moreover, I like it when people give me feedback over what I have done as opposed to asking for opinions over ideas. I work well in teams since I am a free spirit who indulges with anyone. Compared to other people from my country, Saudi Arabia, my English language skills are very good and are quite an asset when it comes to the research writing. Since childhood, creation was an aspect of awe to me, the ability to picture ways of improvement and sustenance were always an intriguing factor to me. I lead through experience and actual practice. I am not actually a follower but I prefer a very interactive team that is full of practical ideas since I usually take initiative to follow through. I am good at organizing things since people’s reaction always matter to me and I always want to impress them. I work towards that through the engagement of personal trials and errors; thus, I get a

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