How Do I Work On Your Presence?

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How to work on your presence, by learning how to divert negative /unwanted feedback.
Now that you know how to come up with a more charismatic attitude overnight, how do you work on something that weighs more on your charisma, like your presence? But first, what is presence? Presence can be defined as the impact you have on people, as soon as you interact with them, or the way they react positively to you being around them. Now, to be able to do that, you should be able to contain and reject negativity and unwanted feedback; for the simple reason that if you pay attention to what people say around you (whether they whisper or you hear a rumor) it might influence you and you won’t find the courage to speak up or do what you “really want” for yourself, because, that’s how charismatic people inspire others, or find something to say that will inspire others; by simply doing what they feel they need to do for themselves and then, learn from that experience. Otherwise, where would they find all the knowledge and right attitude? They simply take risks and learn (a lot from the human experience.
So, for that purpose (working on your presence), you will have to learn to divert negative feedback by simply diverting them. Whether it’s a hateful look, or a silly remark, you will now on learn how to divert them, mentally or verbally.
Here’s the principle behind the technique: People’s moods and reactions work like energy. It comes out verbally, in gestures or body language
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