How Do Living Things Interact

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Task one A). How do living things interact? Living things find a way to live off the land. Not with artificial flavouring or stuff like that. But it may not last unless we take good care of it. Living things interact by: 1). Viruses Learn about viruses and their surroundings, and how they are created. What is a Virus A virus s a small, NONLIVING particle that invades and then reproduces inside a living cell. Viruses are considered nonliving because they are not cells. They cannot: * use energy to grow * make food * take in food * produce waste Like living organisms: they do multiply. Examples of Viruses There are many viruses in the world. We have all experienced one at one time or another. If you have ever had the flu or…show more content…
Everything else in the food chain is considered a consumer. Some animals (primary consumers) eat the plants. Some animals eat plant-eating animals (secondary consumers). Their predators are called tertiary consumers. The further away from the producers in the food chain, the less energy is obtained from the sun. A carnivore (an plant/animal that eats only meat) would be the furthest away from the sun's energy. The Predator A plant or animal that preys on other animals for food. A nasty beast, we must say. Examples of predators include polar bears, tigers, walruses, the Venus flytrap and many, many more. The Prey The unlucky devil who gets eaten by the predator. They prey of a polar bear, for example, includes seals, walruses, small whales and others. Scavenger An animal that feeds on dead flesh or other decaying organic matter. They serve the purpose of removing decaying remains. Vultures are scavengers and feed on dead flesh. Symbiosis Symbiotic means, living together. This is a relationship in which in which at least one of the species benefits: * Mutual - If both organisms benefit in a symbiotic relationship, it is called mutualism. * Commensal - One of the organisms benefits, where the other was is unaffected. * Parasitic - One of the organisms benefits, where the other one is injured. Mutual Relationships Mutual relationships between plants and fungi are common. The fungus invades

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