' How Do Media Images Of Men Affect Our Lives

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In a place called Earth, there are many types of genders. As we hear the word “gender”, males and females are typically the words that pop up in our head. With that being said, there are social norms of how males and females should be raised in a specific way. The males are raised to be aggressive and physically fit. While females are passive and submissive. As the stereotypes of gender continues to grow, it slowly damages the people that do not fit in society's point of view. With that discouragement constantly following us everywhere, many of us find ways to fit in society’s expectations. In this case, being born as a male and not fitting or reinforcing in the stereotype has changed me dramatically. The pressure of not fitting in or reinforcing made me change my physical look, dressing semi-formal, challenging the stereotype of how males should be aggressive and challenging the stereotype of having emotions. A few years ago in Silver Creek High School, my outside image was rather unpleasant and challenged the social norm of males being physically fit. In the article, “How do Media Images of Men Affect Our Lives,” written by Sam Femiano and Mark Nickerson, they both state that “Media stereotypes have extra impact…show more content…
At an early age, we are told not to show femininity or emotions at all. In the article, “Masculinity In Sports,” written by Michael Mansour, he states that “Men do not cry it’s a sign of weakness” (1). It is saying that crying is for the weak and you cannot consider yourself as a men if you cry in front of your peers. Recently, a family member of mine has passed away and throughout the whole day, I constantly cried and cried. This emotional event that occurred shows that I challenged the stereotype of how males should not show their emotions no matter what the cost. Although society does not want to see us males cry, it is okay when you are impacted deeply about
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