How Do Men And Women Use Different Nonverbal Cues

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How do men and women use different nonverbal cues to show interest and attraction in potential romantic partners? This research question can be applied to anyone that has ever felt attracted to another person. It is a broad topic, in the sense that it applies to both males and females and the findings can be applied to any heterosexual attraction encounter. There is a substantial amount of communication research done on the topic of relationships and marriages. It is a topic that many people are interested in because love and the idea of having and keeping a life partner is a goal for many. The question of nonverbal cues in the beginning stages of interacting with a potential partner is the first step in creating a relationship that could potentially lead to love and marriage, the ultimate goal for many romantic relationships.
Separating the cues by gender is an important aspect of the research because males and females are very different when it comes to expressing emotions, especially romantic emotions. Further, seeing the difference between male and female cues can give researchers more insight into the motives behind actions that take place in the beginning stages of romantic attraction and even actions that take place during romantic relationships.
According to anthropologist Helen Fisher from Rutgers University, a human beings body knows if another human being is physically attractive or not within seconds (Van Edwards). First impressions play a large role in…
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