How Do My Social Interactions and Relations Shape My Sense of “Here and Now”?

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How do my social interactions and relations shape my sense of “here and now”?

My social interactions and relations have been shaped by space and time in many ways. Events and standard time are a major factor in structuring my time. Interactions with groups and people help shape my sense of space and are connected to different dominant institutions. Previous interactions and relations have helped unify my sense of time and space. Also, my social interactions and relations have changed my ideas about space and time and also relate to the way I think of myself. Events and standard time units structure my time by keeping a schedule. Standard time is the development of coordination of activities and social life. Standardizing time
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Space has been culturally constructed because our perceptions of what is mine and yours are very different for many people. Space is something that has taken many years to develop. It eventually came to your individual space after “the development of abstract notions of space-of space separated from place-facilitated the rise of powerful societies that controlled people by controlling the space they lived in.” (Roy, p. 72). My sense of space related to my interactions with groups and individuals is something that is just natural. “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours” is a common phrase used to explain space; it is clearly institutionalized by society. Many advances in technology have helped minimize the time it takes to do something. But because we can lessen the time it takes for us to do something it makes time for more objects to be added in. Therefore it takes away the space we have left for other activities and events. This can sometimes cause conflict between people and yourself. But, being organized can unify time and space and it helps with things that were once not yet developed and have grown into to something that can globalize cultures and economics.

My senses of time and space have changed by having previous interactions and relations. In previous years my sense of time and
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