How Do Neil Blomkamp ' District 9 And Clint Eastwood 's Invictus Use Language And Stylistic Features?

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How do Neil Blomkamp in District 9 and Clint Eastwood in Invictus use language and stylistic features in similar and differing ways to present the idea of apartheid? Introduction In Neil Blomkamp’s District 9 and Clint Eastwood’s Invictus, the idea of apartheid is expressed using many different point of views, language and stylistic features. They both use camera angles and techniques to highlight power structures and point of views in the films. Additionally, they both use Mis-on-scene and symbolism to highlight pinnacle perspectives, values and opinions of different characters and communities. Most importantly they both use social historical context to add layers to the film, District 9 itself being a film which shows how devastating…show more content…
Furthermore, in Invictus the camera angles and Mis-on-scene allows the audience to further grasp the point of view of the white community, the same scene as earlier mentioned shows Nelson Mandela pass in a car. On one side of the road Black African children run to the broken wire fence cheering and shouting his name, on the opposite side of the road, we see the white South African children in matching rugby uniforms standing ridged behind a sturdy black fence looking concerned. The camera angle shows the white children looking down on the black children and passing car highlighting their sense of authority and privilege, it also helps to visually establish how segregated the racial community is early in the film. Similarly, in District 9 we can see that camera angles help to establish the dominance of the oppressors they treat the ‘prawns’ very roughly and despite being shorter than them, we see them towering over the aliens in some scenes. The differences of the white point of view in these two films are the severity of the racial discrimination and the point of view of the Apartheid from the white main characters. In District 9 large amounts of violence and threatening are used against the aliens, burning their homes, killing family, taking away food and lack of justice, in one scene we see Wilkus (the main character) joke about killing alien offspring as

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