How Do Night Vision Work?

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How do night vision work? Joseph Hurd Mrs. Sharp English IV May 19, 2017 Page 1 Joseph Night vision is a system that many people use in very different ways mainly Special Forces use this technology as a tactic against potential threats. This technology can also be used for many other things and for many other reasons. Night vision will always be used in everyday life for some people that do not know it has used a lot it is through apps sometimes that you can download them and use them. They are not as advanced as the night vision that Special Forces use all the time through combat. Night vision was brought up in the…show more content…
A dim light scene enters the lens at the front. The light is made of photons. An image intensifier night vision device is an optical device that does exactly what you would think from the name. It takes available light and intensifies it. The systems can work in pitch darkness. Infrared systems measure the difference in heat they can produce an electronic image of what is radiating that heat. I found the info above form how night vision works and how it is used from which had a lot of useful info on how night vision works. Night vision is worked throughout many forces such as Russian countries and many other countries. As I search the internet for topics on how the night vision works found various units. My question is if night vision is so good and works well why isn’t it used at night while driving? That’s a question that I can make an argument on. Night vision goggles boost a dim, dark scene in a series. A solider using the PVS-14 views the environment on a screen inside the device. Doing my research came across a website called it has various info on how night vision was brought up and how it works. Page 3 Joseph Night vision has multiple kinds of components that are very expensive and hard to use so
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