Essay How Do Parents Influence Child Development

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How do parents influence child development? Parents play a significant role in influencing their child’s development. Were you ever curious why you act the way you do? Why did you turn out the way you did? There are many factors that affect a child’s development. One being the attachment the child received during infancy, whether the child had a secure or unsecured bond with their parent. The second element is the types of parenting styles used while the child was developing. There are three components: authoritarian, permissive and authoritative. These two factors affect the child’s behavior. Parents influence their child’s development by the nature of attachment given during infancy; parenting styles used thus affecting their behavior.…show more content…
Jennifer Neal and Donna Frick-Horbury writers from CBS interactive business network state “Children of permissive parents have low self-control and self-reliance, and are extremely immature while ambivalently attached children are described as anxious, immature, and show little initiative”. Authoritative parents are both demanding and responsive. They establish rules and enforcing them, but also explain the reasons for the rules. . "Authoritative parenting encourages children to be independent but still places limits and controls on their actions." (Myers) Children with the highest self-esteem, self-reliance, and social competence have authoritative parents. Have you ever heard the phrase “Children are like sponges?” It is essential to set the right examples for children. They model and incorporate everything they see and do into their everyday lives. It is vital that parents set the right examples for their children. Negative examples can be detrimental to a child's development and can lead to destructive behavior. As a parent of two young children, I know that children are taught by example. If I were to hit my husband, my son would think it is okay to hit. You might ask why he would think that. It is because he sees mommy hitting then it must be okay to hit too and learn by example. Parents play a crucial role in influencing their child’s behavior. “Social skills can be
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