How Do People Affect The World?

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How do people affect the world? In Thomas Hayden’s (2002) article, “Trashing the Ocean,” he discusses how people are destroying the world, and he creates a feeling of intrigue and curiosity by using ethos and pathos arguments to connect to people on a deeper level by appealing to their emotions and using sources who are reliable. He is the director of Master of Arts in Earth Systems, Environmental Communication Program at Stanford University. On the opposite end of persuasion techniques there is John Tibbett’s “Managing Marine Plastic Pollution,” who uses a plethora of logistics and factual information to persuade readers to help stop plastic pollution. He published articles in Science Careers, BioScience, Hakai Magazine, The Washington Post, The Scientist, Yale Environment 360, Ensia, Environmental Health Perspectives, Utne Reader, Planning, Nature Conservancy, and others, and he was an editor of award-winning quarterly magazine, Coastal Heritage. During his last 10 years as editor, Coastal Heritage magazine won eight awards in international competitions sponsored by the Society for Technical Communication (STC). In 2014 to 2015, he won the highest award, and was Distinguished for the second time. Thomas Hayden’s article is superior in many ways to Tibbetts, in that it integrates its facts and solutions well into its article so that it keeps the reader intrigued and connected on a deeper level. In the article “Trashing the Ocean” Thomas Hayden uses ethos to persuade his…
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