How Do People Affect The World?

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How do people affect the world? In Thomas Hayden’s (2002) article, “Trashing the Ocean,” he discusses how people are destroying the world, and he creates a feeling of intrigue and curiosity by using ethos and pathos arguments to connect to people on a deeper level by appealing to their emotions and using sources who are reliable. He is the director of Master of Arts in Earth Systems, Environmental Communication Program at Stanford University. On the opposite end of persuasion techniques there is John Tibbett’s “Managing Marine Plastic Pollution,” who uses a plethora of logistics and factual information to persuade readers to help stop plastic pollution. He published articles in Science Careers, BioScience, Hakai Magazine, The Washington…show more content…
He discusses two people who have already helped by taking initiative and starting programs to help reduce plastic pollution. Hayden is good at creating an overall story in his article that keeps the reader engaged, while still giving them good information. He has an astounding use of ethos in his article, and is able to use key people to give the reader facts while still making the article interesting. Right from the beginning he makes a connection that almost everyone can relate to “At Taco Bell on Main Street in Ventura, Calif., you can take out the chalupa of your choice--Baja, Nacho Cheese, or Supreme, with ground beef, chicken, or steak” (Hayden, 2002, para. 1). He hooks the reader in the first sentence by talking about a restaurant chain that many people have heard about. His wide use of modern topics and words keep the readers interested and engaged, while still relaying them valuable data on the effects of plastic pollution on the world. While on the other hand John Tibbetts’ “Managing Marine Plastic Pollution” uses very little ethos, and chooses to go a very statistical and logistics route. His inability to connect with the reader on a personal level , and his inability to discuss the information in a way that is visually pleasing to those reading it causes the article to drag on and bore the average reader. The people that he is trying to reach with this article will never have the resolve to
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