How Do People Affect Us And How Much They Impact Us?

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Throughout your lifetime people will come in and out of your life, what we never consider is how much that person will affect us and how much they impact us. When someone comes into your life and makes you feel special or important, and they start to change, and continue to hurt you, you start to realize that something has to change and it might be time to move on. It had been 8 months, my boyfriend and I had been together off and on. I had invested time, love and energy into this relationship. There have been hard times with him where I just wanted to give up on us but I couldn’t. He was constantly going out and I would be forced to stay in the house, this caused me to not trust him because I knew he was going to be out messing around with females. In the back of my head I knew he had been out messing with other females and I always wanted to speak up I just never had any proof. And I could always tell when he was lying, so I always knew when he was out creeping or lying about where he was going. The things he did hurt me, and affected me in a big way, my ex caused me to feel insecure, weak, and vulnerable. Not only did he hurt me physically but he damaged me mentally. I trusted this guy with my heart, mind, and time; he was my best friend, and my lover and he managed to break all of the trust I had for him within seconds. It’s stated in Cheat Sheet that “Getting cheated on can leave you with an indescribably bad feeling that never seems to completely go away” (Sheriesa).
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