How Do People Become Murderers?

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How Do People Become Murderers? In my small, young mind growing up I had found this world to be perfect and peaceful, though that’s how it seemed. Learning of deaths, shootings, and killings seemed to be a nebulous concept to me since I was very young at the time. As I became the eighteen year old I am today it seems that homicides have been on the rise which intrigues me. This topic interests me because I never understood how we are always taught that killings are morally wrong in society but despite that they continue. There is more to uncover about why the murderers commit these crimes. Once a mass murder occurs the news reports or articles tend to highlight the murderer 's personal life such as what they’ve posted on their social media, their background and what their classmates and family have to say about how they once were. I feel this is not enough to fully understand what has brought them to take a life and believing it to be acceptable. Could it be that these people commit crimes because of how they were raised socially? A traumatic event? How exactly do people become murderers or is it genetic? I examine three famous killers to help me understand this: Elliot Rodger, Amarjeet Sada, and Jeffrey Dahmer. In the case of Elliot Rodger the serial killer of the Isla Vista shootings I often wonder how a person who lived a luxurious, wealthy life became a man of such destruction. In his manifesto, My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodger, that he wrote before his

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