How Do People Get Along with Others

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“Social skills are the ultimate determining factor in the child’s future success, happiness and acceptance.”- Richard Lavoie wrote in his book, it’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend (Lavoie, 2005). Interpersonal relationships is an important aspect of life and by socializing with others, this goal will be met. In this paper, the importance of getting along with others, obstacles to relationship building and ways to build good interpersonal relationships will be discussed. Firstly, building interpersonal relationships is important in that it is the avenue for fun and entertainment, it is used to build and maintain friendships and it is the key to healthy and fruitful life. Secondly, being afraid of rejection, catering to others
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Whatever one faces in life, there is bound to be stumbling blocks and hurdles that may seem impossible to jump through. Some people will be able to jump over a certain hurdle, while others will stumble through it. For some people, social skills can be one obstacle that they have yet to overcome.
Bring afraid of rejection
Adolescents may be afraid that other may not accept them, and that they might be criticized or rejected because of their unique features or actions. This might be owing to their physical and psychological development. As a result, they will keep their thoughts to themselves, which prevents others from understanding them.
Catering to other
In order to meet a certain standard or expectations from certain groups, one may compromise their own interests or moral principles (Harter, 1999, p. 677). One classic example is if our friends use coarse language, even though we consider them rude, we may hide our disapproval and copy them in order to gain acceptance. Building a relationship by pleasing others will only lead to a superficial interpersonal relationship. The lack of candid communication will make it hard to build a strong relationship in the long run (Harter, 1999).
Lack of understanding in oneself Adults often describe teenagers as lazy, ignorant and inconsistent. This is in fact quite true. Teenagers don’t often understand themselves, let alone accept and appreciate themselves. Guys are constantly lifting weights whereas

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