How Do People Perceive Value Of Objects?

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How do people perceive value of objects? As a designer, how can I create a system of making emotional value? How can I evoke people’s emotional responses out of objects? Summary of reflective journals I am always interested in relationships between human and objects, especially psychological relationship. Why memento is thought so precious? Would people see same value in between their favorite watch they have keep using for many years and same products that is in the shop? Through making and researching, I would like to discover how people value objects. I would like to design products that can be used and cherished for long term. So as to that, I think it is worth to consider and research aspects of psychological way of valuing…show more content…
In Unit2 I focused to choose right materials to make amulets and to decide outcome for this project. As I realized that a creation of emotional attachment acts important role in order to create value into object, I decided to make bespoke amulets and its kit so as audiences to be able to get involve its process. Sometimes people make amulets by them selves wishing good luck. I thought it would be interesting that I make amulet and see how people perceive them. According to Donald. A. Norman, who is a cognitive scientist, human’s emotions strongly influence how people associate with objects. Strong narrative induces your emotion. The emotional attachment makes things special, valuable. How those narratives of objects speak to you and induce your emotion positively defines part of the value. In the research paper I researched ‘How contemporary designers perceive emotional values and giving the values to their products’. What I reckoned out of the reseach was that designer have to care about the story behind the making process. Purchasing those objects is that people are somehow investing onto the designer’s imaginary world. Objects can became precious not only because its material, but because of its process, extraordinary skill or unique skills, and the time are invested to create. Emotional attachment is a key word. This is what I found out that in order to produce emotional
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