How Do People View The Health Care System? Essay

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Summary How do people view the health care system in practice? Where does the failure of inadequate care lie in the hands of the individual or the health care provider? Laurie Abraham explores this topic in Mama Might Be Better Off Dead to discuss where health care fails within an urban area of the United States. Following the Banes family over three years, Abraham’s ethnography delves into the intricate system of health care the Banes family navigates (Abraham, ). In my opinion, the purpose of Abraham’s ethnography with the Banes family is to construct a context where the health care system designed by policymakers does not succeed as argued on paper. By reporting the complications in acquiring care, Abraham uses the Banes family’s situation as a window into describing inadequate care and how it is seen at different levels of the health care hierarchy. The style of writing is designed for the book to be easily understood for any reader, so there is no limitation in audience appeal. However, given the subject and analysis, I think that Abraham ultimately intends for her audience to consist of individuals working within and reforming the health care system. Presenting her the Banes’s accounts, in addition to their providers, Abraham creates a platform for discussion to the existing health care system and its flaws that needs to be addressed collectively by society rather than individual areas. To address her intended purpose, Abraham approached her subject through
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