How Do Planning Work?

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Does Planning work? Choose one plan and consider the ways in which it has either ameliorated or exacerbated to social and/or physical environment.
This essay will discuss Urban Planning and its relation to a specific plan. The plan that will be discussed is the 2011, “Nowra CBD Master Plan”. The essay will also aim to address the question “Does Planning Work?” through the discussion of relevant examples and leading factors in the role of planning.
Often said that planners draw plans and once one has been done then another will take its place without much regard for what has preceded it. Plan-making indeed is often seen as a futile practice, making projections into a future which no-one can ever know in a situation where much of for
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30year vision addresses how we will grow as a township
What framework are they using?
What are the aims of this 30 year plan?
Planning is not a science, it is a political process, this plan has no guarantee and the predictions for population growth are exactly that, predictions.
Liveability is part
This is the inner ring where retail is high and businesses are located, t
The emergence and demand for new retails distributors
CONCEPT: Expand the central city!
The Shoalhaven City Council is concerned with the
Look to the terms set by the planners themselves.
Use some of the ethical principles from Module 1 (such as enhancing social equity or progressing the greater good)
Enhancing economical and financial status
Draw on some of the theories presented in Module 2 (such as ones supporting higher urban densities
In addition you should locate your chosen plan into the history of Australian planning (described in Module 3) and might even consider some of the current issues and how they might be addressed (such as for better suburbs from Module 4).
Current issues, both legislative and those exciting the popular imagination (and these will vary from year to year of unit offer). For example: sustainability, public vs. private transport, sprawl vs. consolidation, heritage vs. development, Indigenous issues, social
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