How Do Plants Determine The Name Of A Biome

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1. Describe how plants determine the name of a biome.

Plants can determine the name of a biome because if you really think about it they are the producers. Also in the text it even mentioned that Biomes names are defined by their plant life. Basically scientist determine a biomes name by the plants living in it and by the animals as well.

2. Explain how temperature affects which plants grow in an area.

In the text it clearly states, “ Most organisms are adapted to live within a particular range of temperatures and will not survive at temperatures too far above or below their range.” So it really depends on the climate range in the area a certain plant is living in but most animals survive in most types of weather.

3. Explain how precipitation
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For example, the trees of tropical rain forests usually grow closer to the equator, while the mosses and lichens of the tundra usually grow closer to the poles. The land located in the temperate region of the world, between about 30° and 60° north latitude and 30° and 60° south latitude, is where most of the food in the world is grown. This region includes biomes such as temperate forests and grasslands, which usually have moderate temperatures and fertile soil that is ideal for agriculture.” As the latitude and altitude increase the land became drier and colder , which means that most plants and animals may and may not survive.
5. Making Inferences The equator passes through the country of Ecuador. But the climate in Ecuador can range from hot and humid to cool and dry. Write a short paragraph that explains what might cause this range in climate.

In Ecuador there are many mountains so as I know the more you go up a mountain the colder it gets. To explain this further in the text it states, “Climate gets colder as latitude and altitude increase. So, climate also gets colder as you move farther up a mountain.” This basically explains what causes this range in climate and where as
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