How Do Police Officers Be Persecuted?

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There have been many occurrences where policemen are seen or documented doing violent and inappropriate actions upon others. Citizens, in particular, are wrongfully being persecuted due to their misconduct. Not to mention, that officers would go as far as to brutally beat or even shoot others. When confronted to a situation, an officer can either use verbalization; which is recommended, or use force if necessary. However, some Officers use more force than that is needed and doing so may drive others to think who's really at fault. I believe that many innocent people are unlawfully getting mistreated due to the police’s thoughtless actions.

Throughout history, police brutalities are nothing new, there have been multiple cases where the police have exercised their power over the people. Many places, including the United States, have experienced casualties like this. For instance, in the November of 2012 in the United Kingdom, a woman named Sara Reed was vulnerable 32 year elderly woman who suffered mental health
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In the year 2015, it has been estimated that 1,186 people were killed by authorities. Although, officers say their not at fault, citizens are furious that events like this even happen. In fact, on the month of September in Charlotte, North Carolina, a man named Keith Scott was fatally shot by a Charlotte officer. A bystander was tape recording the incident and it showed that Scott was running away from the officer and then was shoot by him. In addition, at court where he was given a trial, the prosecutor ask if he shoot Scott who died on the spot which he did and asked if you felt any guilt from his death. The officer responded that he didn't. As a result to this, an uproar of nearly 100 people gathered outside of Charlotte police headquarters and protested that the office who killed Scott “acted lawfully” since Scott was armed and was not charged for his
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