How Do Retailers Like David Jones Add Value to the Marketing System? Does an Online Retailer Like Scorptec Add Value in the Same Manner?

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How do retailers like David Jones add value to the marketing system? Does an online retailer like Scorptec add value in the same manner?
The purchasing goods & services have throughout the years begun to lead to a new perception of consumer relationship and in ways businesses conduct their operations. Not only is a business concerned with the buying and selling of goods & services but to further maintain that relationship with their customers to correlate between both parties. As this being the prime functionality of businesses, each business must differentiate themselves with other businesses offering different and wholesome services, which overwhelms their competitors, thus adding their own individualistic value to the marketing
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An important factor that determines whether consumers should return back to the store later is the intrinsic value the business portrayed. Staff aids potential buyers with their product knowledge as well as having a further evaluation with their products. The simple values David Jones provides are various experiences such as fitting in clothes before you purchase the product for second thoughts and having the ability to smell the fragrance before purchasing it and knowing what it smells like.

On the other hand, a online retail store in comparison to a retail store provide new values to their marketing system. Businesses like Scorptec offer values to their customers in different methods. The most simplistic value they offer is reduced prices of their products attracting customers. The reasoning behind reduced costs of goods is because the handling cost have reached minimal amounts in parallel to retail stores. Online retailers require only a storage warehouse to contain their products and dispatch them when they are required. This is managed by inventory control to ensure that products are available for sale when needed without overstocking on the product. The prime function of managing an online retail is that the business doesn’t require shipping products to independent intermediaries. This makes time and concentration more available on creating an improved product without the need to consistently dispatch products to outlets but simply
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