How Do School Dress Codes

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For students to have more freedom within school, we need to look at the way school dress codes are set up. In many schools, students can’t have shorts higher than mid-thigh when standing or sitting and they can’t even show their shoulders because it could be considered “distracting” to the student’s fellow classmates. From personal experience, I can remember several times where I have been told that my shorts are inappropriate and not to wear them again because they were higher than mid-thigh, only because I was sitting cross legged on the floor which made the shorts ride up. Every year, I hear my fellow classmates and myself included, complain about these strict dress codes and don’t understand how a shoulder could be considered “distracting”.…show more content…
You’re online, searching for a good website to use, you click on one and the next thing you know the site is blocked. You repeat this process several more times ending up with only blocked websites and left with the sites with very little to no information to help you. For us students, this is what we have to deal with just about every day. When we need information on something we usually just end up with a plethora of blocked sites instead of useful information. Allowing students freedom online would not only help them with things such as finding information for papers but it would also show us that school officials trusts us and see us as young adults. There is the issue that students could abuse this privilege by looking up offensive or inappropriate material when they know they shouldn’t. To keep that problem from happening, online searches will still be monitored, as they are now, and if a student is caught looking up inappropriate material, then that student will either be warned or get penalized for their actions. By enforcing this, it would be far more beneficial to students than by blocking
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