How Do Search Engines Work?

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This report relates to the topic of security of information. Information can easily be transported through multiple online platforms, resulting in personal information being able to be accessed by the public on websites such as Google. This report will identify the issues that can occur, implications and strategies for solving these issues.

How And Why This Happens: how do search engines work

Google and the internet work together to generate links in the Google search engine so that people are able to access and find what they are looking for more easily. However, Google itself does not have the power to keep or delete files. The links featured on Google relate back to information hosted on websites that Google provide links to (DeleteMe, 2016). Once the source of information is no longer available, it is no longer featured in the Google search engine results.
Google has the largest growing collection of personal data from individuals regarding the content they create and view, search history, websites visited and Ads people have viewed.
"Online tools really aren 't free. We pay for them with micropayments of personal information," says Greg Conti” (PCWorld, 2016).

Potential Issues:

Google receives requests on a regular basis from law enforcement and courts worldwide for the purpose of solving criminal activity, and records all user 's information and how they use the internet for this purpose. Requests from law enforcement for users data increases…
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