How Do Tattoos Affect Personality

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How many people do you know that either has piercings unnatural hair color, tattoos or have more than one of each? Now think about the number of people you know, think about their personality; are they outgoing, rebellious, shy? Does their appearance affect their personality or the way you think about them? Think about those people you have in your mind throughout this essay, think about if and how they are affected by having those unnatural hair colors, tattoos, and piercings, just think… Now act as if you are hiring for the job position you have right now, you’re the boss in this situation, but… would you hire them? For people with their creativity decorated on their bodies, finding a job can be quite difficult, I know that for a fact since…show more content…
They are a type of creativity, even though it might not seem so, but it corresponds to self-expression because it gives us that at peace with ourselves feeling, which is hard to come by for many people and it should not be tucked away from the world, just because it is a “little distracting”. People in the workforce tend to not like piercings, especially if it's in the food industry, because it is a “health code violation”, or makes the person to noticeable, but how is it a health code violation? For one, long as you don’t touch the piercing, along with your eyes, mouth, and nose what does it affect? Well, nothing it just doesn’t look, once again, unprofessional and makes the person immature and rebellious; it affects the way that people see them, but not everyone is going to see them that way. I know of a really great teacher, who has gages and a nose ring. Yes, she's not your traditional teacher, but she teaches us in a verily good form and a way that makes it fun, which shows that people are not how society tells us. I have also had my fair share of the workforce with piercings, I used to work at Pizza In I was a hard worker, I was one of the best worker there, but all of my hard work didn’t pay off once I got my snake bites, two lip piercings on the sides of the bottom lip, the day I came in with them… was the day I was fired. People judge too quickly and act too fast, I did nothing wrong, but merely got two piercings that made me “noticeable”, and to go with that I also had blue hair and a nose ring, so it didn’t help my case. I now work at Hardee’s they would prefer my piercings to be out, and blue hair to be natural but since I am a cook and no ones sees me they let it slide, and the fact that I am a hard worker and gets everything done at the right times, and even does extra, adds onto them keeping me. But one thing is for sure, by the manager of Pizza Inn firing me
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