How Do Transnational Companies Make Flexible, And How Can Managers Facilitate This?

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In what ways do transnational companies need to be flexible, and how can managers facilitate this? In recent years, being more flexible has become very important for international companies to keep and continue work effectively. Such as, better communication may assist managers to understand the employee’s needs. Globalisation fundamentally comprehended as an increment in the degree to which people and foundations execute or business with others situated in country states other than their own (Masson 2001). In addition, the globalisation which is the major source for transnational organisation to shear all work experiences by branches which are in different places around the world. For example what is positive or negative for business, work problems and any develops for those companies. This essay will discuss how can managers facilitate the transnational firms to be more flexible in global market.

The country managers of a multinational corporation 's (MNC) is usually a local national, also they do not have effective connection with their employees. It is routinely responsible for the functioning of the company 's managers in their branch. Moreover, the local leaders have strategically considerable tasks, such as management of a number of staff and the accomplishment of the income and profitability aims of the subsidiary (Schmid and Kretschmer 2010). However, managers of different nationalities in local branch, it is possible to take advantage of previous
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