How Do Video Content Make Videos That Actually Get More Shares, Clicks And Customers !

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How to Make Videos That Actually Get More Shares, Clicks and Customers!

Frequently posting great quality video content is arguably the single most effective organic SEO strategy currently available.

That means a drastic increase in targeted website traffic, significant increases in social media sharing and, most importantly, more paying customers!

In this post I share the latest stats and insights into why video is absolutely critical to your content marketing success in 2015.

I then share some of the most effective tools, tips and techniques for producing your own great animated video content for free.

So why video you ask? Well, to put it simply, humans are extremely visual by design. If you have any doubt, consider these
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Ideal customers are all those folks out there who are looking for your product or service right now. But they can’t find you in all the noise (yet) when they search Google, Twitter or Facebook.

With great video you:

Get Lots More Traffic- 75% of visitors go to a website after seeing a video about a company who has products or services they’re looking for.

Put ‘Visitor Bounce’ in Reverse: One of the biggest challenges faced by online businesses is keeping their visitors truly engaged so they stay long enough on their blog, website or landing page to really share their value proposition and make sales.

Visitors stay a full 2 minutes on a site with video as opposed to 8 seconds on a site with only text. As any leading content marketing expert will tell you: The extra 1 minute and 52 seconds is sales window that’s potentially worth its weight in gold!

Stronger Social Shares - You get 12X more shares with videos than via text and links combined!

Deep Follower Engagement - 70% of people have very strong recall for audiovisual information after 3 days!

The more great video content people see and hear about your business: the more likely it is they’ll remember you when it’s time to make their purchase.

Most importantly, the use of video directly translates into Increased Sales and ROI!!!

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