How Do We Define Environmental Psychology

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To define environmental psychology, one must do so by considering the following four key features: “interactive approach; interdisciplinary and international; problem-focused, applied field; and diversity of methods” (Steg et. al., 2013, p. 5-6). To sum, interactive behavior is best understood by me as one’s interactions with nature and the effect nature ends up having on one after engagement has occurred. As a child, I grew up in Jackson County Forest in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. As well, with an indigenous and sustainable upbringing, I was more prone to participate in all aspects of my life with a holistic and reverent attitude. As it is explained in the textbook, the environment molded my past and current ongoing attitude and beliefs towards the environment. I am aware this is significant to note as those who are not brought up in such environments, as raw as the forests I grew up in, have a relationship with nature that is to be considered an ongoing work in progress. However, I must add the environment has changed for better and worse and has affected my outlook towards the future of places like Jackson County Forest. For instance, the environment is now considered more of a nuisance because of the amount of drugs that can be hidden, grown, and dealt bordering many cities and reservations. This juxtaposes the initial behavior and reverence I once had as a child and as an adolescent, who saw the forest as a place to partake in ceremonial practices with tribal

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