How Do We Get Energy?

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Everybody uses the word energy in terms like “I don’t have a lot of energy today” or “The room has weird energy”. But how do we get energy exactly, how do we use it to stay awake and run up a hill. The energy for all physical things comes from high energy phosphates to low energy phosphates. During this breakdown of ATP, which requires water, a proton and energy, heat is produced. Since our muscles don't store much ATP, we must constantly resynthesize it. The hydrolysis and resynthesis of ATP is thus a circular process—ATP is hydrolyzed into ADP and Pi, and then ADP and Pi combine to resynthesize ATP. Alternatively, two ADP molecules can combine to produce ATP and AMP. Coffee has a lot of caffeine, which is a fat soluble chemical that can easily pass through the bloodstream to brain tissue. Neurotransmitters control the brain’s activity and they either stimulate them or quiet them. The caffeine in coffee attach themselves to quite neurotransmitters called adenosine. The caffeine blocks the effects of the adenosine and doubles the amount of epinephrine. Epinephrine is the “fight or flight” hormone and that causes more alertness and awareness. Coffee isn’t a energy generating substance. Because your metabolism cannot break down the caffeine to supply your cells with energy, this makes it a mental energy source. A mental energy and a metabolic energy are two completely different types. Metabolic energy is when fats and protein get metabolized for energy
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